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Objectives and Missions


Union des Forestiers et Industriels du bois du Gabon (UFIGA) is a trade union for professionals in the timber created on March 24, 2003.


1. To facilitate relations between its members;
2. Intervene with public authorities to defend the general interests of the sector;
3. Participate in all studies aimed at improving forest management conditions, the development of a competitive wood processing industry, and wood marketing conditions on both national and international markets.


1. To verify the sustainable management of forest resources by its members;
2. To ensure the legality and traceability of its members' forest products;
3. Foster and consolidate harmonious relations between public authorities and the timber industry;
4. Intervene with public authorities to defend the general interests of professions linked to the wood industry and forestry;
5. Propose any legislative or regulatory measures likely to improve their dynamism and competitiveness both nationally and internationally;
6. Promote and encourage all studies of general interest to the forestry and timber industry;
7. Participate in any study of general interest to the forestry-wood industry;
8. To represent the timber industry in the Gabonese Republic in dealings with public authorities and national and international organizations;
9. Advise companies on the interpretation of national and foreign laws and regulations;